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Have you ever hired a contractor for a project around your home only to come to realize that your choice

has turned into a nightmare? How do you avoid having this happen again? If you are reading this you are obviously concerned about Roof Cleaning Institute of American | Certified Memberswhat to do with the unsightly growth on your roof. Not sure on who to hire to get your roof looking new again? Choose a Certified "Soft-Wash" Roof Cleaning Professional . Each member of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America is dedicated to providing its customers with leading edge technology, and a wealth of experience in delivering effective and safe business practices while on your property. When searching out a Roof Cleaning Contractor it is critical before signing any agreements that the contractor provide the customer with proof of insurance (workman’s compensation and liability), an operator’s license, before and after photos along with a list of references. A contractor that can provide these documents is more likely to have spent many hours learning the proper techniques and acquiring the skills necessary to provide their customers with a quality cleaning without causing any harm to the roof shingles, siding, or landscape.


Then there are the “so called” roof cleaners running around your town with a power washer hooked up to

trailer or in the back of a pickup truck claiming to be able to remove the stains from your roof. Be careful of

this type of operator. They may be able to do the job ‘cheaper’ but more often than not they do not provide value. What does the cheap price REALLY get you? Probably someone walking on your roof without being properly insured (can you say lawsuit?), improperly trained in handling and applying chemicals to your home, and ill equipped at using the proper cleaning techniques to get your roof cleaned without causing any immediate or long term damage to your home and surrounding vegetation.


Roofs are much too costly to be replaced prematurely due to damaged caused by inexperienced cleaners.

Remember, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”. Confidently contact a RCIA member today and

take the first step in bringing back your homes curb appeal. Go to our ‘Locate A Certified Professional’ link and find a fully trained and certified professional in your area now.